Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions, you should check with the organizations and individuals running specific programs, classes, events and activities as to their status.

Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions, you should check with the organizations and individuals running specific programs, classes, events and activities as to their status.

A leader and community partner committed to empowering people of all abilities to be included
as active participants in the vibrancy of Montclair

Our Mission Partners

The Inclusive Movement Center, run by award-winning NJAPE.org (New Jersey All People Equal), delivers dynamic Obstacle Course Training classes for individuals and groups of all athletic abilities. Each class is structured upon a very simple but powerful approach; activities will be “FOR EVERYONE, WITH EVERYONE.”

Classes are designed to promote core fitness strength, cooperative play, and executive functions necessary for personal growth in dynamic movement activities. Offerings include; Montclair Ninja Warrior, Box Builders, Small group training sessions, Holiday / Summer camps as well as Ninja Warrior Birthday Parties.

The IMC employs individuals and offers internships for people with disabilities to work alongside their typically developing peers. Learn more about the The Inclusive Movement Center at their website, inclusivemovementcenter.com. 

NJAPE.org, IMC’s parent organization, offers professional services, advice and training in the area of inclusive movement. Visit their website at njape.org for more information.

Creative Speech Solutions, a private pediatric therapy center started by Cynthia Marrapodi over 20 years ago, is a well-known and respected practice based in Summit, NJ. CSS employs a team of highly talented and knowledgeable speech-language pathologists and will have an office at Cornerstone Montclair, where they will provide speech, language, and feeding evaluations and therapy. Social skills and play programs will also be offered to help improve the communication and social skills of children with all abilities.

For more information about CSS, please visit their website at creativespeechsolutions.com

Maria Sanders Coaching offers one on one parent support and guidance as well as parent education workshops here at Cornerstone Montclair or over the phone. Maria Sanders is a Licensed Social Worker and graduate level PCI Certified Parent Coach®.

Parent Coaching can help you deepen your relationship with your child and end common battles such as homework, bedtime, screen time and chores. It can reduce your stress level, and help you find more joy and satisfaction in your role as a parent. Maria Sanders was employed for over 15 years as a school social worker and early intervention specialist. As such Maria’s area of expertise originates from years of hands on experience assisting parents with children who have been diagnosed with a learning difference and/or special needs. Maria supports all parents open to collaborating and working for the best outcome for each child and family.

Visit Maria’s website at mariasandersparentcoach.com.

Norma Francullo is a seasoned Special Education Attorney who works diligently to ensure that students’ educational rights are protected. She has extensive experience settling favorable cases through mediation and settlement conferences. Notably, in 2019, Norma was chosen as one of New Jersey’s Best Lawyers for Families in Education Law. 

Norma’s love for the field of special education law comes from her personal experience of being a parent of a child with Dyslexia and sibling to a developmentally disabled adult. She spends her spare time as an active member of Decoding Dyslexia New Jersey (DD-NJ). She conducts parent workshops, shares experiences and resources with parents, has visited Washington D.C. for Dyslexia Day on the Hill, and testified before the New Jersey Assembly’s Education Committee in 2013 in support of New Jersey’s Dyslexia Bills which were signed into law later that year. She is a member of the New Jersey Special Education Practitioners (NJSEP), Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), CUNY’s Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN) and the International Dyslexia Association.

Visit Norma’s website at francullolaw.com for more information.