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Our Mission

A leader and community partner committed to empowering people of all abilities to be included as active participants in the vibrancy of Montclair.

Cornerstone Montclair is a new organization with a vision of fostering a community in which people of all abilities have opportunities for work, healthy movement and social engagement. By partnering with businesses, educators and service providers who share that vision, Cornerstone Montclair will create a vibrant hub of activity that welcomes people with various disabilities to work and enjoy life alongside their peers.

Cornerstone Montclair’s mission is delivered in a 3,000 square-foot building located at 198 Bellevue Avenue in Upper Montclair. Offering highly desirable, yet affordable space in the building, we are seeking 5- 6 mission partners whose businesses or non-profit organizations will provide job opportunities, professional services, and educational and recreational activities that compliment and support our mission. The program will have activities and businesses attractive to everyone, and will go out of its way to make sure that “everyone” includes people with disabilities.

In fulfilling our mission, Cornerstone Montclair will focus on three “pillars”: meaningful work, social engagement, and healthy living through movement.

Our Partners

Cornerstone Montclair Welcomes our Mission Partners

The Inclusive Movement Center, run by award-winning (New Jersey All People Equal), will offer inclusive movement classes and sports/fitness training for individuals and groups of all athletic abilities.   Each class will be structured upon a very simple but powerful approach; activities will be “FOR EVERYONE, WITH EVERYONE.”  In addition to family classes and personal training sessions, classes will include Montclair Ninja Warrior, Rock & Rope, KangaRoll, Box Builders and Zumba. NJAPE also employs interns who have disabilities to work alongside their typically developing peers.  More information about NJAPE can be found at

Creative Speech Solutions, a private pediatric therapy center started by Cynthia Marrapodi over 20 years ago, is a well-known and respected practice based in Summit, NJ. CSS employs a team of highly talented and knowledgeable speech-language pathologists and will have an office at Cornerstone Montclair, where they will provide speech, language, and feeding evaluations and therapy. Social skills and play programs will also be offered to help improve the communication and social skills of children with all abilities.  For more information about CSS, please visit their website at

Include Montclair, a local organization whose mission is to foster and facilitate ongoing opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in and be valued as respected members of a fully inclusive Montclair community. 

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